150 year old Red Oak… 130 feet tall!



Work Example Seven: Crabgrass

One of our customers called us at 443-367-6300 for some pre-winter grounds maintenance work. All her mulch beds were past due and infested with crabgrass:




We applied vegetation killer to the beds, then re-mulched them:





If you are in need of tree removal or yard revitalization before the winter hits, give Sycamore Services a try. Check out Work Examples 1-6 below, and you’ll see the various sorts of jobs we handle.

Work Example Six: Tree Takedown

The red building under this tree is a customer’s workshop. The deadwood at the top of the tree began falling onto the structure, so he called Sycamore Services to come and take it down.


It was quite a climb, as you can see. The tree needed to be removed before the roots became too weak and the whole thing collapsed onto the workshop.


If suspect any danger of trees falling on your property, please call us at 443-367-6300. Bruce Leonard, Licensed Tree Expert, will figure out if it needs removing to protect your home.

Work Example Five: Mulch Much?

Please take a look at our work and consider if maybe your backyard could use the same invigorating treatment as this one:





Please reach out to us at Sycamore Services before winter takes hold. The number is
443-367-6300; ask for Bruce Leonard. We service Catonsville, MD and the surrounding area. There are many more work examples to see, just take a look at the “Recent Posts” to the left!

Work Example Four: Weed & Mulch

This week, Sycamore Services turned out yet another fine job. A front-yard plant bed needed help, so we gathered up some black mulch and headed to the job site. This is what it looked like in the end:


And this is what it looked like not long before:


If you’re in need of a simple job like this or a job a hundred times bigger, just call
443-367-6300 to get in touch with Bruce Leonard and his team.

Work Example Two: Television Tower

Yesterday, Sycamore Services was hired to strengthen the mast base of this 1,000 foot TV transmission tower (WNUV Channel 54).

This is what the base looked like that evening:



And this is what it looked like this afternoon:


If you are in need of structural work like this, or if you’re interested in grounds maintenance at your home, please give us a ring at 443-367-6300 to discuss a quote. Happy Friday from Bruce and the rest of the Sycamore Services team!