Work Example One: Dingo Ate the Lawn

To keep your back yard looking fantastic through any harsh weather or season, just begin like we do, at Sycamore Services. First, replace the old beds with brand new ones:


Next, install ties and fill with stone for a weed-resistant border.


The best time to rake, till, and reseed your lawn is in early fall or early spring. Or if you’re like Bruce, you would use a Dingo Wide Track to get the job done right.


Home sweet home.

If you live in the central Maryland area and need a backyard (or front yard) rejuvenation, call Sycamore Services at 443-367-6300 for a quote. Please check out our profile at for certified customer reviews and more details about the company.



  1. John Lincomb · November 21

    Great article for this lawn and garden fanatic. I’m always looking for newer info.

    You’ve got a great site btw!


  2. C.G. Siggins · October 26, 2016

    Reblogged this on Holding The Paradox and commented:

    Please consider checking out this blog! It is my second blog ever, and I curate it for my boss, Bruce Leonard. I know most of you don’t live in the Baltimore area, or even the United States, but please take a look nonetheless. There are some amusing “before and after” arboreal and grounds maintenance photos, and by doing so you would be supporting a quality local business. Thank you for your time! –Calvin


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